Goodbye, Pooki

Sorry we’ve been a little quiet on the blog for the last week.

Our little cat Pooki, who you might have seen in a few of our posts, and who starred with Holly in the Saturday Telegraph, went missing 8 days ago. We’d hoped that she would turn up, hungry perhaps but unharmed, from a little adventure.

Unfortunately, poor Pooki left the house on the evening of April 1 2013 in what was to be her last adventure. It turned out that she (probably) had a weak heart and collapsed beside a neighbour’s shed. By all accounts, her passing was peaceful from the position we found her in, from which we can take some comfort.

Naturally, we’re all upset here and disbelieving, as Pooki was very bright, happy and full of energy. We rescued her from an animal sanctuary where she was painfully thin and unwell. After a few months’ TLC, we managed to put some weight on her and she grew a lovely, soft fur coat, that would often fluff up comically when she played with our two boys – Socks and Archie. We only had her for 16 months, but we loved every minute of her life, and we hope she felt the same about us.

Holly wrote this poem for me during the time Pooki was missing, and I thought I would share it as I love the thought of Pooki having adventures. This is our little tribute to a beautiful cat.


She Runs Through the Night


She runs swiftly through the still night air

Taking every step through night with care

The family of her do not worry

As she knows her way around anywhere, even in a quarry.

When she is home she sits by the fire

Waiting for the night night climbing along branches as thin as wire.

Oh how she enjoys herself in the quiet night

Climbing and running along roofs at a dangerous height.

So she goes out in the dark

And comes back after having adventures like riding a shark.

For my mummy


RIP Pooki - we loved you (and still do)!
RIP Pooki – we loved you (and still do)!


  1. What a beautiful poem, Holly. I am so sorry that you no longer have Pooki in your lives but glad that she had such a happy life once she came to live with you. I send you all love as i know what it is to lose a much loved pet.
    Keep writing, Holly. I love to read your words. 🙂


  2. The hardest part of having pets is that we will always out live them. Thank you for giving sweet Pooki a warm and loving home during her last days. Every pet deserves to know what it feels like to be loved by a family, and you all gave that Pooki. Holly’s poem is a touching tribute!


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