Easter decoration inspiration!

Easy-to-make Easter decorations!

To make your house look more ‘Eastery’ why not make these simple Easter decorations?

Holly: First, you need some Styrofoam Easter eggs. We got ours in a cheap stationer’s shop. And also some coloured pens to decorate them with.

Decorating Styrofoam eggs!
Decorating Styrofoam eggs!


Holly: You can colour your Easter egg in with whatever colour you like. You could also put a crack on it if you like!


Putting on the finishing touches
Putting on the finishing touches


Holly: You might want to put some other little drawings on it as well, such as flowers or Easter eggs. When you have finished, dot them around your house or put them in your bedroom.

Styrofoam bunnies
Styrofoam bunnies


Sam: Holly’s taking no responsibility for the above. These are my attempt at Easter decorations using, yes, Styrofoam cups! We had quite a few left in our cupboard so I decided to make a bunny out of one, with pipe cleaners for ears and whiskers, and on the other, I stuck mini-rabbits. The cup in this instance is meant to be a grassy hill, with little bunnies on the side. Except I used sellotape to stick them on and they kept falling off. Oh well…


Easter tree
Easter tree


Sam: This is a cutting of twisted willow, which I bought at a local florist. I loved the shape of the branches and the florist told me that it should last at least a month should produce some greenery or even flowers. I hung little Easter eggs onto the branches to decorate them, rather like what you do with Christmas trees. There was a beautiful display of this in the florist’s window so I wanted to try it at home. And the good news is, you can plant the cutting into the garden afterwards, if the bottom starts to grow roots.


Yummy Easter chick
Yummy Easter chick


Sam: Pooki loved our decorations and decided to sample the fluffy chicks. They weren’t very tasty, apparently, so she ended up chasing them around the house, along with the remaining Styrofoam eggs.

We have a couple of videos too but unfortunately our uploading mechanism on You Tube isn’t working correctly. I will try to add these later, once I work out what’s going wrong!

Happy Easter!

Sam and Holly



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