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We’re in the Saturday Telegraph!

Hello all,

We’re thrilled to be in the Saturday Telegraph today! You can read the feature here and read all about the other brilliant child bloggers – I’ll link to those in a second.

For anyone who’s come to us today via the Telegraph – welcome to our site! We hope you like it. We’d just like to clarify a few points though that were incorrect in the feature:

  • Holly is actually ten not six. She was nine when we started the blog, nearly a year ago.
  • At the time of being interviewed we’d had in excess of 6,000 hits in total, not per month (oh, how we could wish for that!)
  • At one point I am referred to simply as ‘Pope’ – as far as I am aware I have not had a call from the Vatican. I’m Sam.

It’s a shame when these errors creep in. Holly is particularly gutted at being given a much younger age than she really is (she was very proud to turn ten last month!). She said, of being interviewed: ‘It is exciting but also disappointing as there were mistakes, and we found there were others, like Jake, who had mistakes in their interviews too.’

The other bloggers mentioned were:

  • El and Jae – a mum and daughter blogging team under the name Eljae
  • Jake McGowan-Lowe of Jake’s Bones – an 11-year-old bone collector (fascinating site!) who also had a mistake in his write-up regarding his collection of a golden eagle skull (not a bald eagle skull as the article suggests)
  • Maelo Manning, of  Libdem Child: a 13-year-old politics blogger, who has even spoken at LibDem conferences
  • Six-year-old ‘Betsy Lou’ of Betsy Lou Adventures, who writes about trips she goes on, poems and her life more generally
  • Tolmeia Gregory (12), of Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion who loves fashion and dedicates her site to it.

We’re clearly in distinguished company!

Anyway, we’ve got a new review to post up tomorrow but thanks for popping by!

PS this is our 150th post!



Childtastic Books started out as a collaborative blog, written by me and my young daughter Holly. Now she's nearly a teen, she's off doing exciting and new things but I am still here, reading, writing and reviewing books for children and young adults of all ages. I miss her input but I hope she will pop in from time to time to do some guest posts! A little about me - I have just finished an MA in Children's Literature from the University of Roehampton (result pending, eeek) and am a part-time primary school librarian. The other part of my time is spent writing and editing, my own work and others, and I am waiting for my first non-fiction book to be published - a teacher resources pack for Handa's Surprise. I welcome comments and love to hear from visitors to this blog. Please note though that, because of time constraints, it is rare that I can read and review books from self-published authors. I receive so many requests and feel badly about not being able to keep up with them all. Thanks for visiting! Sam

12 thoughts on “We’re in the Saturday Telegraph!

  1. Congratulations on the feature! Shame the journalist got so many facts wrong – especially with children involved who may take it to heart more.


  2. That’s brilliant! It’s a lesson well learned for Holly that the press don’t get everything right. It’s only when you are in a story and know that they have things wrong that you begin to question the other stories and their validity.

    Nevertheless, CONGRATULATIONS, Holly. This is a brilliant blog and it’s fabulous for you to get greater recognition through being in the paper. Onwards and upwards! 🙂


  3. Wow this blog is amazing! I have my own book blog but its no way near as good as yours!
    I found it through that issue of the Saturday Telegraph and I think it’s really cool.
    You’re so lucky to be in the newspaper!


  4. Congratulations Holly! Despite the errors (which are so sloppy it makes my head hurt!), it is a great article – and so interesting to see so many children engaged in sharing their passions with the world. I think blogging gives kids a voice that previous generations never had. My little girl has just started her own arts & craft blog – which she has named Art Splotch! I am excited to see where this journey takes her. (


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