Happy Mothering Sunday!

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK, aka Mothering Sunday, which sounds quite nice and warm and cuddly. I was a little vague on the origins of Mothering Sunday until we learnt about it through Holly’s activities through the church choir as part of her homework. Its origins, in the UK at any rate, link back to the church, when domestic staff were given one day off to visit their ‘mother church’, normally with their own mums and families. This was usually the only time when everyone could get time off together, especially as many children worked as household servants away from their families. They would return, on the fourth Sunday in Lent, to celebrate the day with their families and apparently would pick wild flowers either to give to their mums or to the church. You can read more about it in this Wikipedia article.

My Mother’s Day

Holly wrote a post full of advice on how to plan a good Mother’s Day so today I was able to see how her plans came to fruition. Thanks to our chatty and enthusiastic young cat, Pooki, Holly was awoken at 5.30am but managed to get back to sleep until 7.30am, when she burst into our bedroom, eager to get the day started. Carl managed to hold her off till 8am and then was up with her, carrying out her orders.

The day started with pancakes in bed (with maple syrup for me – always has to be!), a card and two presents, which Holly proudly declared she had half-bought with her pocket money (hard-earned from helping me spring clean the house). The theme was hearts – silver heart earrings which are very pretty and dainty, plus heart-shaped chocolates – yum!

The rest of the day we spent organising the house after major redecoration work had taken place following a pesky kitchen leak. This might sound like a dull way to spend the day but, in fact, it was lovely. The reason why was because we were all together, for a start, and secondly part of the sorting out we were doing included finding lots of old photographs of both Holly as a younger child (babe in arms!) and me as a toddler. We spent ages leafing through ‘real’, not ‘virtual’ photo albums (electronically just isn’t as special) and talking about what was happening in them. Holly was delighted to see pictures of her parents as babies and children (particularly the obligatory embarrassing shots). This was interrupted by a lovely picnic lunch in my new study/library/office with a feast Holly had chosen – fresh crusty bread, fruit, salad, olives and Spanish cold cuts, washed down with champagne.

We didn’t mind the fact that the day was dull, dark and grey, that the wind was bitterly cold and it was trying to snow. We were happy just sitting cross-legged on the floor, laughing at past pictures and feeling truly as if we were in some type of time-freezing capsule. It’s been a strange day in that way – it’s flown by but so many years have been experienced. Tomorrow will be a rude shock to the system I think when we go back to normality.

I hope my own mother won’t mind me posting some pictures of her and me when I was little (mum photos), along with a couple of photos of me and Holly when she was younger. These were ones that made us smile today and were in a time before everything was saved electronically. Therefore, we couldn’t scan them directly onto this web page, so will have to link to them instead.

Finally, I’d just like to say how blessed I feel that I am a mother and that I have a mother. Mother’s Day is a special day but it can be hard for people who have lost mothers or children, in whatever way – through bereavement or estrangement or other. My thoughts today are with anyone and everyone who is or has been a mother, and of course we are all children who have (had) mothers.

And a huge thank you, too, to my lovely and kind daughter Holly for making such a huge effort to give me such a special day.

Daughter and mum on Mother's Day 2013!
Daughter and mum on Mother’s Day 2013!






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