Recommending books, by Holly

I have a friend who doesn’t really like reading and I managed to find a book  she really likes. If you want to recommend a book to someone who doesn’t really like reading this what you have to do.

  • ask them what kind of movies they like
  • then find a book that is like what they said they like in a movie
  • show them a selection of books
  • let them choose one
  • then lend them the book and see if they like it

So now you know how to recommend a book.

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  1. Good suggestions, Holly. I used to suggest the ‘ten page test’ too. Read just the first 10 pages and see if the book appeals to you. If it does, go for it. If not, then try another.
    Good luck in your mission! 🙂


    • Ah, that’s a good one too. I am in the middle of a book at the moment that I really don’t like but keep plodding away at. I doubt I will go much further … or else I will skim read most of it. It’s always such a shame isn’t it when you just can’t get on with a book?


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