Review: The River of Adventure, by Enid Blyton

This review is of The River of Adventure, by Enid Blyton

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What it’s about:

The four intrepid adventurers – Jack, Lucy-Ann, Dinah and Philip (and not forgetting Kiki the parrot) – have flown away to Syria for rest and recuperation after a nasty bout of influenza. While enjoying a fascinating river trip, their family holiday, as usual, turns into a nail-biting adventure when Bill and Mrs Cunningham are kidnapped. The children follow in hot pursuit to rescue them but instead stumble upon a forgotten temple dating back 7,000 years. Will they find their way out and rescue their parents?


Holly’s review:

I like this book because it is daring, mysterious and puzzling; for example, when the parents got kidnapped. This book is about four kids who have had flu going on a holiday to get some sun to make them feel better. But while they are away, they fall into another jaw-dropping adventure. This is an absolutely gob-smacking book. I love it.


Sam’s review:

Yes, readers, I can attest that Holly’s gob is very much smacked (oh, horrid vernacular!). She devours any Enid Blyton book she gets her hands on but this one has been treated to an immediate re-read. She told me there was something about it that made it even better than any other book she has read. Perhaps the element of danger is greater here as the children travel further away from home and the sights and sounds portrayed are very different to the usual offerings (although tinned fruit is very much in evidence, to the point that we had to go to Lidl and buy catering-sized tins of pineapple, grapefruit and peaches). I don’t remember reading this particular adventure when I was young so it’s been great to discover it now with Holly – if she will ever let me near the book long enough to read it! We only have one more of the ‘Adventure’ series left – The Castle of Adventure – so I don’t know WHAT we are going to do when we’ve finished them.

Until then, let’s open another tin of peaches…

Do you like the Adventure series?

Do you like tinned fruit?!


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