Review Valley of Adventure

This book review is of The Valley of Adventure, by Enid Blyton.

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Holly’s review: Enid Blyton, the author of this book, is one of my favourite authors. Since I began to read her books I wanted to read more of them. I like this book because it is fascinating and adventurous because of what happens in it, for example when Jack has a fight with Pepi on a raging, stormy night. It is about these kids who are supposed to go off for a weekend with a friend but end up getting on the wrong plane that takes them to a valley with a couple of dangerous men.

This book is a very good book for children and adults who like adventures and puzzling mysteries. If you would like to read this book then go to your local library or book shop.

Sam’s review:  I didn’t get much of a look-in on this one as Holly was reading it under the covers after we had put her to bed. I think she has a torch in her bedroom somewhere. I remember the story vaguely from when I was younger, about a holiday spent trying to avoid criminals. I doubt whether these children would get travel insurance these days as they are always getting into (and admittedly out of) the most alarming scrapes. It’s a great book for children to do some voyeuristic adventuring and there’s plenty of comedy in the shape of Kiki the parrot, one of Blyton’s most amusing characters I think. Top marks!




  1. I used to love the “… of Adventure” books when I was a child. I devoured hundreds of Enid Blyton books, being the youngest of five there was a huge range waiting for me as soon as I learnt to read! I got a pack of about three really cheap a couple of Christmasses ago, but they’re still waiting to be re-read. I think I’m scared of how bad they probably seem now I’m grown up (technically!) 😉


    • There are certainly a few elements that make you cringe a little as an adult but the storylines are fantastic still – I really enjoy them and it’s not a chore to read them. The ‘Adventure’ ones were my favourites I think so I am gutted not to be able to read them all the way through! I will have to nick them off Holly 😉


  2. Oh this takes me back! On a dull visit with my mother to a friend of hers I found a copy of The Valley of Adventure and was hooked. My first discovery of the Adventure series, they became my favourite Enid Blyton books – I even stayed up secretly till 8.30 pm (don’t laugh, sophisticated modern children) reading this one. And yes, Kiki the parrot is brilliant!


    • The joy of Enid Blyton is that she has books for all ages. Noddy for the littlest ones, The Magic Wishing Chair and The Faraway Tree for little ones and up to around age 5-7. Then The Famous Five are good for seven onwards, as are the boarding school series Malory Towers and Twins at St Claire’s. The ‘Adventure’ books are probably best from 8 or 9 onwards as there seem to be more ruthless villains in them!


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