Review: Just One More!

Today’s book review is on Just One More! by Tracey Corderoy, illustrated by Alison Edgson.

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What it’s about: Little Brown Bunny  just loves his bedtime stories. The problem is, he loves them so much that, one night, they run out of tales to tell! What will Little Brown Bunny do? His solution is ingenious, creative and, ultimately, quite tiring!

Holly’s review: This book is amusing, sweet and happy. It tells about the words ‘Just One More’, which are mainly said at bedtime during story time, as children always want another bedtime story. Bedtime stories are usually an adult’s favourite memory of their childhood. I liked this story because it is amusing and sweet – for example, when the mouse says he likes books about cheese. It is also amusing because in some places there is a nice polite piece of sarcasm. This book is very good for little children and is also a lot of fun to read.

Sam’s review: I am interested in which bits Holly found polite pieces of sarcasm! I didn’t hear any but I think we will need to read this ‘just one more’ time so she can point this out to me. This book will ring a lot of bells with any parents and children reading it – that usual refrain at bedtime, when nights out time is looming. It made me laugh as Holly read the story to me, and the lengths the baby rabbit is prepared to go to to get a story that will never end. I would be interested to see if any parents would adopt the approach that mother rabbit takes… and if it works! This was a lovely book, and definitely one to share at bedtime. The charming story and beautiful illustrations will probably have children begging for more, which is always a good sign.

What story do you never want to end?

Which stories can you remember wanting to read over and over again?


NB Please note that we received this book from Little Tiger Press but were under no obligation to review it. Editions on sale via amazon have a special colour-in storybook.




  1. This just popped through our letterbox too! So LOVELY and cuddly. I think my daughter is going to love it, she’s completely obsessed with bunnies 🙂 Ace review, can’t wait to dive into it!


  2. I just received this today to review so am very interested to read your 2 reviews. All of us loved the story straight away and both my girls want to write a loooooong story themselves tomorrow. The illustrations are not appealing to me – I’m trying to put my finger on why and struggling. They are appropriately cozy (given the text) but I find them just a bit too soft focus. I prefer the illustrations in Good Night Sam which is also about a bedtime routine and the desire for just one more story.


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