Merry Christmas to all from Childtastic Books!

This past week has dashed by in a whirl and a swirl of activity, mainly based around our local church, where Holly sings in the choir. We’ve had the festive services, and I even sang in the Nine Lessons and Carols last night, which was a special occasion. Holly sang tonight and also did the first reading, which we were immensely proud of her for doing as she’s never read in church before and she did it like a pro. Well done, Holly!

I do like the candlelit family carol service we attend because the spirit is very much about gentle celebration. Our vicar Tony Price always delights us with a Harriet Hitchcock tale so we wait in anticipating for the latest installment. Harriet Hitchcock is a small but clever hedgehog who somehow always manages to save the day for other woodland animals in need. This year it was a parrot who had become so weary at watching endless news stories about the strife in the world that he was suffering from a rather serious bout of depression! In their own special way, the animals helped the parrot recover by showing him the good that does exist. We keep trying to persuade Tony to publish his stories but he points out that they are meant to be relayed orally – therein lies their enjoyment and power. We’ll keep nagging him though. 😉

So tomorrow will be a big day. I am contemplating a turkey (I never cook turkey so am rather nervous about this) in the midst of our kitchen which looks like a set from a sci-fi film (we have industrial heaters blasting our damp walls from a leak in the floor) and feels like a greenhouse. I am also battling Holly’s lurgy – cough, aches and generally feeling like bed is the best place to be. However, Boxing Day has been designated a pyjama day with easy food, lolling around on sofas and generally just relaxing, something which I think everyone could do with.

Thank you all so much for your support these past months. I wish you all a fantastic Christmas! Please do post up your experiences – we’d love to hear how everyone celebrates.



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