Christmas jokes and poems and Holly’s Christmas Star poem

Holly’s been off sick for a couple of days – the usual Christmas cold (that her parents will probably catch on Christmas Day itself!). So we did some reading and other things, the best of which was a homemade pop-up book Holly made me as an early Christmas present. I will post more on that soon as she wants to give a brief tutorial on how to make pop-up books. She’s the expert!

Last night, we sat down with Funny Poems for Christmas, edited by Paul Cookson.

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The book is a compilation of poem (no surprise there) by various writers, some more famous than others. There’s a good variety of poetic form and of rhymed and non-rhymed verse. We played a game in how we read it – basically we would take it in turns to flip through the pages, front to back and vice versa, and the other person had to say ‘Stop!’. Whatever was on that page was read. This did mean though that, being a library book, it was better worn in some places than others, so we kept getting the same poem over and over again.

The poems in the collection are of varying standard. I am afraid some of them left us cold and others we just couldn’t get. However, there were some good and funny ones in there and we liked the fact that the compilation included poems by children. Interestingly, we both agreed on our top four choices which are, in no particular order, as follows:

  • ‘Santa’s Really Bad’, by Andrew Collett: a naughty poem on how Santa really is 364 days in the year
  • ‘Christmas Tree’, by James Carter: a ‘shape’ or ‘theme’ poem in the shape of a tree
  • ‘A Christmas Booklist’, by Trevor Parsons (Christmas titles with authors’ names written in  joke style – eg The Christmas Story, by Wayne A Manger and The Inedible Vegetable, by Bruce L Sprout)
  • WANTED, by Sue Cowling – a Christmas advert which goes as follows:


WANTED: a reliable STAR

to lead small party westwards.

Bright with a good sense of direction.

No timewasters.



Holly’s poem

After reading the poems, Holly did her own version of a shape poem about a Christmas star. I can’t scan it in because my scanner is out of action but these are the rather lovely words:

Christmas Star

Christmas star shines bright

above the world.

Christmas star twinkles

down on the planets below.

Christmas star gives happiness

to the world.

Christmas star is Santa

shining down on us below.

Do you have a favourite Christmas poem or joke? Please share it with us!

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