Review: The Diabolical Mr Tiddles

Today’s review is on The Diabolical Mr Tiddles, by Tom McLaughlin. I have the wonderful Zoe at Playing by the Book for drawing our attention to this story in a post on books about cats.

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What it’s about: All Harry has ever wanted is a pet cat and one day his wish is granted. Harry thinks his cat – who he calls Mr Tiddles – is the best birthday present in the world … and the amazing thing is he keeps on giving! After an unpopular first present (one all cat people have experienced in the form of a lifeless rodent), Mr Tiddles soon cottons on to what makes Harry happy and the presents keep coming. Harry is overjoyed until he wakes up ‘to find a horse named Alan in his bedroom’ and he knows he’s got to find out exactly where these gifts are coming from. At this point, Mr Tiddles seems like the bigges misnomer in the world!


Holly’s review: This funny book is a masterpiece! Just like the cat in this story, it is full of surprises. It is an outstanding picture book. This book kind of includes a lesson but I am not going to say what that lesson is because I will give the whole story away. This is a really adventurous book because of all the action that takes place in it. Does this sound like your kind of picture book?


Sam’s review: As a cat fanatic, when I heard about this book I had to order it from the library. The name itself was intriguing, as our local librarian also commented on – like me, she wanted to read it just because of the juxtaposition between ‘diabolical’ and ‘Tiddles’. Personally, I would have liked him to be a little more diabolical but I guess I like my felines very naughty (art imitating life and all that). However, this is a funny, lively and likeable book. I’ve never seen such characterful eyebrows on an animal before and his zany nature is well captured by McLaughlin’s illustrations. Harry is the perfect sidekick – the careful conscience who balances out Mr Tiddles’ naughty nature. The two are a lovely team and I can see that this has the potential to become a much-loved series.


Have you read The Diabolical Mr Tiddles? What’s your favourite cat book? Please share!





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