Review: Molly Moon Stops the World

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Title: Molly Moon Stops the World

Author: Georgia Byng

What it’s about:  In the second in the Molly Moon series, Molly is returning to America to try to track down the sinister American billionaire Primo Cell. She takes sidekicks Rocky and Petula along for the ride, along with many of the children from the care home where she lives. Soon she’s hobnobbing with Hollywood celebrities, all of whom seem to have fallen under Cell’s spell. Can Molly Moon once again save the day?

Holly’s review: This book is fantastic and is the best of the series in my opinion. Apart from visiting Los Angeles to go on a dangerous mission, Molly Moon finds out who her long-lost parents are. Molly Moon has incredible hypnotic powers that are used in many of her adventures. The author Georgia Byng has a way of writing that gets you really dug in with the book. I  like this way of writing.

Sam’s review: Holly just loves these books by Georgia Byng and I am curious to know what their hold is on her. They are good, definitely, but she raves about them as she would over very few others (only Enid Blyton and JK Rowling have had such an effect on her). I think the attraction lies in the mystery element, and Molly Moon is a very strong and likeable character. For me, that didn’t come across quite so well in the first book but it has been more evident in this and other ones. Whatever has Holly glued to the pages is fantastic and I think we will be continuing with this series.


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