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Title: Camp Gold

Author: Christine Ohuruogu 

What it’s about (from the publisher, Random House): Maxine is crazy about sports! She’s thrilled to be going to Camp Gold, an elite sports summer camp. She’s nervous too – will she be good enough? At the camp she meets good friends, cute boys and, best of all, she discovers her hidden talent – running. Soon she’s training for the Nationals, which will be watched by Olympic champions. It’s tough but it’ll be worth it if she wins. Then the pranks start and her things go missing. . . Someone is out to sabotage her chance of winning. Can she stop them before it’s too late?

Holly’s review: This is a really good book. It persuades you to like sport because you hear it from someone who’s good at sport so it influences you more. Maxine is a good character and I couldn’t stop reading it. I want to read more stories in this series. It teaches you about things too, like how bullies might not be as mean as you think.

Sam’s review: I’ll put my hand up here and admit that I had low expectations of this book before I even started reading it with Holly. I have an inbuilt suspicion about books that are sold on the premise of being written by celebrities and AN Other. However, I am glad to say I was wrong in my prejudices and, what’s more, the book and Holly’s response to it has taught me a valuable lesson. I used to worry that she would just like books that I liked but despite my scepticism on this novel, she insisted on reading it and devoured it in a matter of days. She loves running and the storyline, while not intricate or complicated, kept her glued to the pages. She was hooked by the excitement and suspense of the story, and I think she just genuinely liked it because it was about sports and something quite ‘concrete’ – a nice change from some of the more abstract books she reads about magical realms, etc. So we’ve discovered a new type of story for Holly to enjoy which is always a good thing!



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