Review: Polly Price’s Totally Secret Diary – on Stage in America

Title: Polly Price’s Totally Secret Diary – on Stage in America

Author: Dee Schulman

What it’s about: Polly Price thinks she has the most embarrassing mother in the world: actress and airhead Arabella Diamonte. In this story, the two travel to San Francisco so Arabella can start touring in the production of a new play, and Polly writes down everything that happens during the summer of mayhem.

Holly’s review: I liked this book because it is funny. It is funny because the way it’s written – like in the diary how she writes and puts in little boxes about what someone has said and writes something funny about it. I would recommend this book to everyone: teenagers, children, adults, anyone. Her mum is an actress and Polly is just about to realise that she will be one too.

Sam’s review: I never got a look-in with this book! Well perhaps one night when I tried to read it to Holly. It doesn’t suit being read aloud and I doubt this was the author’s intention anyway. Because of its design – basically, a story told through diary format but with lots of speech bubbles, pictures, etc – the narrative is frequently broken up. This is fine – it’s just not a text that lends itself to reading aloud because of lack of flowing narrative prose.The illustrations work very well though and Holly and I particularly liked the occasional use of real photos in the text, which made it look even more realistic.

To be honest, I was surprised that Holly liked it so much. She normally steers clear of comic-style books like the plague but she became so engrossed in this that she could hardly put it down. She giggled constantly when reading it and took it into school for quiet reading time. At school, a friend said she was also a fan, so they have both have been chatting about the stories. I think we will be getting the other books in the series!

Note: We received a copy of this book from Random House for review, but our opinions have not been influenced by this, nor were we under any obligation to review the book.



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