Holly’s turning into a media chick

When I was Holly’s age, I was writing stories, reading stories and just hanging out and playing in the garden.

Holly, on the other hand, is spending her time in the media.

Today, she featured in two arenas.

The first was a mention on the Reading Agency’s website. They liked our review of the Summer Reading Challenge and asked if they could feature the blog post on their website. You can see it here.

Then, we were told that a news story appeared in our local paper, the Oxford Mail, about the Old Marston Library 50th birthday party we arranged. Holly had a picture in the paper, together with the library manager Maria Ilett and the son of our friends Neil Edmonds. You can see this article here.

I am glad to report that all this fame hasn’t gone to her head. She’s unfazed by it all and treats it as a normal occurrence. Well, perhaps it’s becoming that way!

More posts soon with reviews…







  1. Do keep a cuttings book! As a child I seemed to be photogenic and was spotted by photographers at events! My Mum kept all the cuttings (of all the family, not just me) including marriage announcements, births of our babies and it makes for wonderful family history reading. 🙂


    • Thanks for the tip – we will definitely have to do this! I like something physical to look at to rather than a screen. I was saying to Holly today that we should get her a proper photo album so she can put pictures in to look at.


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