An apology for being wordless…

Holly and I would like to apologise for being rather quiet on the blog front recently. We’ve both been very busy and this has meant that we haven’t been able to write as much as we would like to.

Holly has been trying out new hobbies, such as karate. She went to an intro session and really enjoyed it. She has done some in the past so knew a few things about how to stand, how to punch and how to kick (hopefully she won’t be practising at home!). She also helped me at the library party last weekend, which I’ve written about in our previous post.

Finally, she had her first ever disco birthday party on Saturday night. It was for a friend who had turned 10 and that’s a big number for us (double digits!). The fact that it was an evening bash shows that my little girl is growing up and I feel proud and rather misty-eyed about it. (And envious that she can wear skinny jeans, when I can’t even get them over my ankles.)

I have also been busy. My MA has started and I will update my progress on the other blog. I am trying to understand what I need to do for that, and what texts I have to read – critical or otherwise…

And finally, I have also been involved in a massive reading campaign. A month or so ago, I took on a role with the National Literacy Trust as a Coordinator on the Oxfordshire Reading Campaign. The aim of this is to raise literacy standards in our county, some of which were the lowest in the country. I was delighted to be a part of such an important initiative, for reasons I am sure you understand! Anyway, we had a huge conference on Monday and I am sorting out all the paperwork from that, and planning the next steps with my colleagues. We had some lovely press coverage in the Oxford Mail yesterday, and it is continuing all week.

So that’s where we are. But we’ll be back soon with a couple of books we’ve just finished and are raring to write about.

We hope all is well with you!


Sam and Holly



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