A reviewer in the making…

Holly and I were looking through her old notebooks the other day and came across one where she had written a review, nine months or so before we started this blog. It was during the summer holidays and she had decided to try to be a reporter, and write about things she had read or seen. Reading back over these, I can now see she really was a reviewer in the making. Enjoy!


29 July 2011: Amy Wild, Animal Talker: the Lost Treasure, by Diana Kimpton

Review by Holly Fratter


Image courtesy of usborne.com

This is a famous book. I was told to read and then write about it by my boss. It is about a girl called Amy and she has a secret and the secret is she can talk to animals because of the necklace of golden paw around her. If she wears it it means she can talk to animals. Her great aunty gave it to her but she told Amy never to tell anyone its secret. Any calls her great aunty Granty, which I think suits her. This book has got five stars out of five. You can go to your local library and get the whole collection. So quickly go, don’t waste any more time watching tv, kids – go!


9th August 2011, Rare Beasts, by Charles Ogden

Reporter: Holly Fratter


Image courtesy of betterworldbooks.com


Rare Beasts is written by Charles Ogden, starring the main characters Edgar and Ellen. They are both twins. Their mother suffered hours at the hospital feeling the kicks and punches the twins were doing in her tummy. It was obvious there was a fight going on who was going to get out first [Holly is talking here about them being born!]. Then finally Ellen emerged with miniature fists held high in victory while later Edgar emerged and the nurses held the twins up for their parents to see. Then suddenly Edgar reached out his finger and poked Ellen in the eye. So kids, what do you think of that? Well, I think this book is fantastic and that every boy or girl should read it. Oh, just to say kids, this book has got five stars out of five and also go to your local library. They will have it there.



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