Summer Reading Challenge: Story Lab – it’s a lot of fun!

Holly has been very busy lately getting ideas for her fun corner. Here is another one, based on the Reading Agency’s annual Summer Reading Challenge. The theme this year was ‘Story Lab’.

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We mentioned this at the start of the summer holidays, when Holly had joined the challenge and had chosen her books. Now she wants to share the fun with you, so over to Holly!

Thank you, mum.

For my next Fun Corner Post, I wanted to write about the Summer Reading Challenge.

In England, there is a library challenge every summer and I do it every year. It is really good because it gets people to have more fun reading and visiting their local library to get books. This is also a good idea because you have to read six books in six weeks or so and the end of the challenge is when you have finished all your books. You get a certificate and a medal. So next year, do this challenge at your local library because it is so much fun!

My six books were:

1. Island of the Blue Dolphin, by Scott O’Dell

2. Tales of Trouble Doctor Doom, by Ceci Jenkinson

3. Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery, by Georgia Byng

4. Bad Cat, Good Cat, by Lynne Reid Banks

5. Ruby Holler, by Sharon Creech

6. Mr Gum and the Power Crystals, by Andy Stanton

(Note from mum: a few of these are different to the ones Holly had originally picked at the beginning because of either not enjoying a couple of the books or because some had been reserved and had to be taken back to the library.)


Our local library

Our local library is Old Marston Library. It is the smallest in Oxfordshire!



And what is great is that on 22 September we will be having a 50th birthday party for the library with lots of fun activities, including an illustration workshop with Neill Cameron. We will report back on that soon!




  1. Our local is Kennington, which is also teeny (and was under threat with the cuts too) Last summer I took my girls to do the reading challenge and they got their medals but this summer we just didn’t seem to find the time to go. Really must visit again, need to keep up the support! Well done, Holly! My two don’t actually read the books they borrow yet, but the thought’s there 🙂 Enjoy the party!


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