Holly’s fun corner: Start a Styrofoam family

Holly’s latest Fun Corner: Holly’s Guide to Making a Party Cup Person


Step 1: Get your cup

Get your party cup ready – please use styrofoam not plastic as you can’t draw on plastic with a felt-tip pen. Turn your cup upside down. Make sure your cup is on a flat surface that is easy to work on.

Step 1: Get your cup ready


Step 2: Get your materials ready

When you have found your flat surface and turned your cup upside down, find some arty stuff like pens, pom-poms and feathers. It is also good to find some glue or sellotape to glue or stick your feathers or pom-poms down.

Step 2: Get your materials ready


Step 3: Start sticking!

When you have done all this, start sticking and gluing your art stuff down to make a person. Little handy tip: use the pens to draw a face, colour in, or add details. This helps create your person.

Start sticking!


Your cats might like to watch you!

Archie watches on … is he tempted?


Step 4: Done!

Now you should have a fully completed cup person!

All done!


You can also get your mum and dad to try it out:

Surprise, surprise! Mum makes a cat!


Pooky doesn’t think much of mum’s efforts.

Feline art critic


Our styrofoam family:

Styrofoam Family










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