Comics for girls: what do you think?

We’ve been a bit busy this week at Childtastic Books. Holly has been on a singing course at Christ Church with the Royal School of Church Music and I have been working hard on various copy-writing jobs. We’re both still reading but haven’t had much time to write anything, which is a shame. But we will strike back soon!

In the meantime, I have been glancing at Twitter when time permits, and I came across a very interesting post by illustrator Neill Cameron. In it he discusses the importance of finding comics for girls, but in a way that doesn’t assault them with pink and other nasty stereotypes. You can read it here.

Do take a look. Neill is keen for people to contribute thoughts on this topic – made even more timely by the sad demise of the Beano and the Dandy. Comics are often presented as reading material for boys but perhaps the time has come now to make some more girl friendly or even to make them unisex. Why not?

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In the meantime, I think Holly and I need to look at some comics. It’s funny, as neither she nor I have ever been attracted to them. I can see the art in them, definitely, but I find the pages a little too crowded to enjoy them properly. Maybe things will change.

Can you recommend any good comics? What were your favourites?



  1. I was never a fan of comics growing up, though my brothers were. I agree, it always seemed to me like there was too much going on. Also, I so love the written word, having the descriptions replaced by drawings instead just never felt right!


  2. I’m a wannabe when it comes to comics, there is too much out there to know where to start! But I’m not a ‘typical’ girl and love superhero stuff anyhow. For girls, maybe Neil Gaiman’s Death books (not sure what age they’re aimed at, not for kids though); also Bill Willingham’s Fables (also not for kids!) And there is a reason everyone goes on about The Phoenix, it is fab. I buy it for me because my girls are too young! I love reading books, have read thousands in my life (and I don’t mean picture books!) but I love comics too. They can be read on many levels, good ones have many subtleties that you don’t pick up without several reads – the same with some novels. I suppose that can be “too much going on” but it doesn’t feel like it when you’re gripped by a story. There are many fantastic comics / graphic novels out there. And a whole bunch of trash too, but that’s the same as anything 🙂


  3. I can second Child Led Chaos’ comments on the Phoenix – both my girls (and I) enjoy it – youngest doesnt’ read it (at 4 years old), but 7 year old is craze for it. This week I picked up the Dandy because of it being the news, but I was disappointed by it – I didn’t think the artwork was anywhere near as good as in the Phoenix, and I didn’t like all the stories linked to TV shows/celebrities (eg Gok Wan), although I guess for some readers that’s actually a draw.

    Have you and Holly tried any manga? I don’t know much, but Library Mice (@librarymice) has made some great recommendations to me for stuff that appeals to my kids and I’m sure she could suggest something for you and Holly too. Also, @sarangacomics is very helpful on comics – she’d be a great person to ask for recommendations.


    • Thanks v much for the recommendations. I’ve not tried manga before, thinking it was for adults originally (ie not for Holly) but will give it a go, and I’ll try to get in touch with Library Mice too for some recommendations. Something like Nancy Drew would work well in comics for girls I think…


  4. A timely post! I love graphic novels and comics, as does my daughter. Tin Tin & Rupert are favourites, and we are currently reading (and enjoying) the Thea Stilton series (Thea being the sister of Geronimo Stilton). It is not a true comic, but a fun combo of illustrations and words…almost magazine style & very engaging for a pre-reader.


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