Je reviens…

Hello all,

While it’s not so great to be back in the UK weather it’s lovely to be back on the blog. We’ve missed you all!

First though I must say a humungous ‘thank you’ to Lynne and her boys, Seth and Neil, for their fabulous work on this blog. I loved each and every post that Lynne put up and know that our blog is always safe in her capable and creative hands. Thanks too, Lynne, for sharing those book-making projects. These are the sorts of things I am really rubbish at so it’s great to have someone artistic and creative to come up with ideas. I am sure I will be asking for more posts of this nature in the future.

Holly and I are working on some upcoming posts, which we will upload as soon as our minds have reverted back from holiday fuzzy mind mode. However, IĀ  just wanted to remind everyone that Holly’s amazing alliteration competition draws to a close today. If you are, or know of, any children who would like to have a go, please encourage them to do so. It takes very little time and the winner gets something from Oxford!

Finally, we had some exciting news while we were away. Two weeks ago we were interviewed by an education correspondent with the Sunday Times about the phenomenon of child bloggers. Last Sunday, the paper carried the feature, entitled The Baby Bloggers, and featured Holly and Childtastic very prominently. We’re proud of this achievement and want to thank everyone for following us. We’re nothing without you!

Adieu for now…

Sam and Holly

Childtastic Books



9 Comments Add yours

  1. Zoe says:

    Ah, is the Sunday Times behind a paywall? What did the article say?


    1. Hi Zoe
      Unfortunately the Sunday Times does charge for viewing which is very annoying… and I wonder how they manage too with all the other papers being free. The main thrust of the article is about how children are getting their own voice heard on the internet, and they referred to Holly as a nine-year-old book critic, which was great! She was quoted saying why she does the blog (loves sharing opinions on books and encouraging others to read). If I can I will try to scan it in… if it’s not illegal!


  2. Andrea Kelly says:

    Congratulations on the article! And welcome back šŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! We’re delighted!


  3. Lovely news! He you had a brilliant holiday šŸ™‚


    1. I totally understood what you meant. šŸ™‚ We had a lovely time, thanks, though to my shame I didn’t do much reading at all – far too busy walking, swimming and speaking French. I am still thinking wistfully of our time abroad and wishing we were still there.


      1. All those other things were really important – plenty of time for reading when you can’t speak French! ‘The Great Dog Bottom Swap’ went down a treat at the Family reunion and has been taken back to Munich and to Atlanta! šŸ™‚


      2. Glad to hear the book was such a success!


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