Holly wins a creative writing contest!

We had some great news today.

A couple of months ago, Holly entered a creative writing contest through Explore Learning. The task was to write a short story, or the opening of one, and be in with a chance to win prizes.

Today all the children who had entered were given certificates. And Holly and another boy from her year both won the school £500 worth of books for the library!

As you can see, Holly’s pretty chuffed…

Holly and her certificate and medal


We thought we would share her story with you. It’s the opening of a chapter book and ends on a cliffhanger…


Race for Life!

The doorbell rang early on Sunday morning. Rosalind Trundle got up to see if it was the new TV her father had sent for nearly a month. But it wasn’t the TV she had been expecting. It was none other than Mr Surese here on urgent business.

“May I come in?” he asked.

“Of course,” Rosalind replied.

“As you might have guessed I am here on very important business. I have brought you a letter,” he went on. “Please read it because I have to go quickly and give the other children their precious letters.”

He left as quickly as he had arrived. Rosalind watched him walk down the garden in his important sort of way. He was an average height man with thick, blond hair and he wore an extremely smart suit. Rosalind thought Mr Surese dressed well for the spy he was.

Rosalind read the letter thoroughly. This is what it said:

To Miss Rosalind Trundle,

I would be delighted if you came on a mission to save the world. I’ll tell you when you come to my cottage at midnight. Please bring your parents. Georgina and Harry will be informed as well.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Surese.

Rosalind ran up the stairs and flung open her parents’ bedroom door. She shook them violently until they woke up.

“W-what’s the matter? Is the house on fire?” her father yawned.

“No, it’s Mr Surese. He sent me a letter that said I need to go on an important mission with him and we have to go to his cottage at midnight to discuss it with Georgina and Harry.”

At this, her parents perked up immediately. They spent all day getting ready for the meeting.

Rosalind walked quickly with her parent, her long, red hair flying around her face and her hazel-coloured eyes gleaming with excitement. Rosalind thought about what the mission could all be about and why was it so urgent and unexpected. When they reached Mr Surese’s cottage Rosalind’s father opened the gate. It creaked a bit as it opened. When they had all gone through Rosalind’s father shut the gate with another creak. They walked down the garden path and pressed the doorbell of the cottage. It made a loud, ringing sound. They saw a blurry figure through the glass. The person opened the door. It was Georgina, her long, brown hair over her shoulders. “Hello, Rosalind and hello Mr and Mrs Trundle. How nice to see you. Please come in,” she said, merrily. The stepped forward into the brightly lit hall.

When everyone was in the sitting room, Mr Surese started to tell everyone about the mission.

“This mission,” Mr Surese began, “is about saving the world from a greedy man. This man is greedy about money. His name is William Span. William Span had made a device that will steal money from people all over the world because he wants to become the richest man in the world. Now this mission is highly advanced because where Mr Span loves is on an island in a spooky castle all on his own, which is surrounded by booby traps and terrifying plants that snap at you. This mission includes a lot of planning to be ready if something unexpected happens so all children have to be prepared. Harry’s eyes were shining with anticipation.

“When do we start?” he whispered.

“Now, but first choose your weapons…”




  1. Well done Holly – I love the story and can’t wait to hear what happens next. Congratulations on winning the prize for your school.


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