Awesome alliteration PLUS crazy competition!

Now this: a new post for Holly’s Fun Corner! And a clue to it is in the title!
Alliteration is very fun. You can make all kinds of whacky ideas up with words.

Like ‘mushroom’. It is extremely funny as a word!

Alliteration means a group of words that all begin with the same letter. Here’s an example:

‘A mighty, mushy mushroom.’

That alliteration sentence makes sense. It is about a mushroom.

I am now about to make one up that doesn’t make sense in alliteration:

‘A Micky Mouse mitchy mushroom.’

That one did not make sense.

Sometimes I wish I could do alliteration all day. It is a fun activity that gives you the giggles.

But I want to hear some of your ideas. All you need to do is write them down and send them to us for the Alliteration Competition.

Prize: a special present from Oxford!!!

Send us a sentence with your best alliteration – it can be about anything you like and it doesn’t have to make sense, as long as it includes alliteration.

Entry Rules:

  • For children aged 4 to 12.
  • Please post your entry onto the Childtastic Books blog  in the Comments Box.
  • Include your first name and age.
  • The competition is open until Friday 3 August 2012.
  • We will announce the winner the following week and post the name and entry on the site.




8 Comments Add yours

  1. “Robbie Radish rode a running regal rhinoceros.” Sarah Hope, 6, Ottawa, Canada


    1. Wow Sarah, that is an excellent alliteration sentence. That is our first reply, thank you. Holly


      1. We love alliteration! By the way, being from abroad, we don’t expect to be considered for the official contest (postage being too expensive!).


      2. You will absolutely be considered for the prize! We don’t mind posting abroad. 🙂


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