Holly’s Summer Reading Challenge!

On Saturday, the annual Summer Reading Challenge was launched in libraries throughout the UK. Run by the Reading Agency, and with 97% of libraries taking part, the idea is to challenge children to read six or more library books throughout the summer break.

Holly and I went to the central library in Oxford to check out what was happening. We’d just missed the official launch but there were loads of children excitedly grabbing all the gear to record their reading journey on – a special chart to attach stickers onto as they progress, plus a fun door hanger, presumably to fend off interfering parents when the kids have their noses in their books.

I am sure we will be reporting on Holly’s journey over the next six weeks, but she wanted to write an introduction to what she had chosen. So… over to Holly!


This year, like every year, I am doing the Reading Challenge for children. It begins on Sunday 14th July and what you have to do is go to the library and choose six books. When you have chosen your six books you go to the library desk and fill in a form and collect a chart. When you have finished a book, you take it back in and eventually you finish reading all the six books and come in to collect your certificate and medal. This happens every year in England.

These are the books I have chosen:

School Friends: Dreams at Silver Spires, by Anne Bryant



Ruby Holler, by Sharon Creech




The Stolen Lake, by Joan Aiken




Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery, by Georgia Byng




Bad Cat Good Cat, by Lynne Reid Banks and Tony Ross




Doctor Doom: Oli and Skipjack’s Tales of Trouble, by Ceci Jenkinson



Are you doing the Summer Reading Challenge? We would love to hear what books you’ve chosen!



  1. This sounds so fun!! It would be awesome for libraries to do that here in the US 🙂

    Also, I was wondering, do you have any advice on getting more followers? I”m not sure if I”m doing something wrong, since I only have around 3 and I think 5 email subscribers, but I have around 2100 views… any advice?


    • Hi Jess,
      I am not really sure what to do. I link my blog to my Facebook account and Twitter account. Also, I follow other blogs and comment on them, which you do too! I think it’s just a matter of time – how long have you been blogging for?


      • Since this May, so not that long. I just started a twitter account, I didn’t have one before 🙂 I don’t mean to sound impatient, and really it’s not that important, it’s fun to just be able to think about ideas about children’s literature, and here other’s wonderful ideas too, but I just thought I would ask in case. Thanks for your response!!


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