How to choose a favourite book, by Holly Fratter

It is hard to choose a favourite book, like when you try to choose a favourite author.

Well then you don’t have to have a favourite book or author. Why not try choosing a top favourite group of books and authors? I’ll tell you mine:

The Famous Five, The Twins at St Clare’s, all Roald Dahl books, Mr Gum, Winnie the Pooh and last, but not least, Harry Potter. I all love these books the same as much as I like the authors of them. Now I will list the authors:

Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling, A.A. Milne and Andy Stanton.

Now you know all my favourites you can try doing the same but you don’t have to choose my ones. Do your own and tell me here at Childtastic Books!!

Winnie the Pooh
Holly and Mr Gum


  1. I have several copies of Winnie The Pooh books from the 1930s that were given to my grandmother when she was a child – growing up it always felt very special to read the same stories she read when she was my age. We love Pooh-Bear around here 🙂


  2. Hm.. this is a tough one, there are so many wonderful books! Well, I think some of my favorite authors are Cornelia Funke, Roald Dahl, Jane Austen, Maryrose Wood and Beatrix Potter (I feel like I’m probably missing someone!). And some of my favorite books are Inkheart, Matilda, Sense and Sensibility, The Book Thief, Between Shades of Gray (by Ruta Sepetys, not the series by E.L James), The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series, The Historian and Beatrix Potter’s tales but especially The Tale of Two Bad Mice.

    I think I’ll have to ponder over this some more now! Maybe I’ll post on this too, because it’s definitely fun to hear other people’s answers 🙂 You have a really great list, I still haven’t gotten a hold of any of Blyton’s books but I hope to soon!


    • Thanks for these. We haven’t tried Cornelia Funke yet but I think we should do as we have had it recommended a few times. We also have The Incorrigible Children here to read. Beatrix Potter is popular with us too – her drawings and stories are superb aren’t they?


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