Review: The Great Dog Bottom Swap

Title: The Great Dog Bottom Swap

By: Peter Bently and Mei Matsuoka

What it’s about (by Holly): This book is about all the dogs in the world and they go to a summer ball. There are lots of pegs for them to put their coats on but oddly there is a sign that says: ‘Now please be so kind as to keep your coat on but remove your behind. Please hang up your bottom on one of the pegs and remember no growling or cocking of legs.’ The book is told in rhyme and there are hundreds and hundreds of little pink ‘o’s all neatly arranged in methodical rows. Their bottoms are very neat and pink. Then there is a fire and in the rush to get out all their bottoms get jumbled up and they go home with the wrong behinds.

Holly’s verdict: This book is really funny! It’s not disgusting, they just hang their bottoms up. It’s also poetry and I’m a big fan of poetry. I like the drawings a lot too. We got the book out of the library and I’m really upset that we have to return it. I want a copy of our own!

Sam’s verdict: Well, first things first, I am glad this isn’t a scratch and sniff book! Seriously, though, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and thought it was rather clever and surreal. It reminded me of some of Eddie Izzard’s sketches about animals and why they behave the way they do. The lack of moral was a welcome bonus too. Great for both girls and boys.




  1. Great to read your review. When I first came across this I couldn’t bring myself to read it to the kids – I’m not a dog person at all and the thought of all those smelly dog bottoms…. well I just couldn’t do it. That said, I can see how in the hands of someone who is more comfortable with dogs this book would be a winner – it’s funny, a little bit naughty and written well to read aloud.


    • Glad you enjoyed it. Like you I am not much of a dog person and I was squeamish at the thought of it. But it was recommended to me on amazon when they realised I was looking at The Mole Who Knew it was None of His Business. And actually I was pleasantly surprised! As Holly said, the bottoms are pretty and not what I, er, would think of them to like. It’s good to read aloud too.


      • Thank you! I know it will appeal to our 3 year old grandson. I’ll have to find it before he arrives next week. I so love you blog! Thank you for this recommendation.


      • I think any online bookseller should have it if you can’t find it locally. I do think your grandson will like it as it’s very funny! Thanks for the kind words on the blog – it makes it very worthwhile to hear such nice things.


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