A different kind of book for us…

OK, I am going to have another go at this because my previous post was completely wiped! Goodness knows how, but my computer is making nasty growling noises at me so I think that it didn’t like my previous attempt…

Holly and I decided to focus on a different type of book today: Facebook. We created our own page for Childtastic Books and would love it if you could head over there to check it out. If you could also ‘Like’ it, that would be very helpful!

I did take a screen shot on my previous attempt at this post but I am concerned this caused the page to crash so, instead, I will include a photo of Holly’s fab logo. Over the next few days I hope to vamp the page up a bit and promise I will make it more exciting! See you there, we hope…

Holly’s unique logo for Childtastic Books. Well done Holly!


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