The original Willy Wonka (on screen)

I came across this fascinating post on Letters of Note about letters that Gene Wilder wrote before his screen portrayal of Willy Wonka. He had some very definite ideas on how his character should be represented and it appears they really worked (depending on your opinion of the film – many rate it more highly than Tim Burton’s adaptation with Johnny Depp). Read and enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    Your welcome, I hope you’ll be able to enjoy some new audiobooks! I definitely recommend Inkheart, I listened to it when I was about 12, but I saw on your blog that your daughter is 9 and I think that’s the perfect age because I think Meggie, the main character, is also 9! I’ve always loved to read books when I was the same age as the main character because it seems to make the connection even stronger, although that seems to be happening less and less as I get older…

    I’ll definitely check out David Walliams audiobooks, they sound really great! Would you recommend them for an 8 year old? I’ve actually been on the lookout for new audiobooks for myself and my little brother, and he loves audiobooks from British narrators so these sound great!

    Love your blog by the way, I look forward to reading more posts 🙂


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