Just reblogging an interesting post from the Blackwell’s blog: what are your thoughts on why boys read less than girls?

Broad Conversation

I came across this piece by Chris Lloyd, author of the brilliant What on Earth wallbooks about the continuing problem of encouraging young boys to read. Is he on the money? If so what books do you think we should be putting in front of these reluctant readers?

BOYS are so-called ‘reluctant readers’. Ask most primary school teachers and they will confirm that, generally speaking, we have a problem when it comes to persuading the less fair sex to get stuck into a good book.

Why should this be?

Are boys generally programmed to resist reading? In part I suspect so. Millions of years of gene flow have honed hunting instincts into the male line – the theory being that over the last 3 million years or so (since our apish ancestor adapted to walk on two feet) the most successful hunters will have fathered more children. So the instinct to…

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