Review: Blackwell’s Children’s Bookshop, Oxford

Blackwell’s Bookshop, Oxford

(Not the best photo – I will try to take one sometime soon to replace this!)

Holly’s review: Blackwell’s is a really good book shop; it has all the books in the world. Well not really but most. It doesn’t only hold children’s books though it holds adults books as well. Blackwell’s was a lot of family fun during the Jubilee – you could come along with your family and do some Jubilee activities. The books they have are really good me and my mum sometimes go in and look at the books. Now about the books: when we went in there the other day and went to look at the kids’ section we were really overwhelmed at how many books there were that we hadn’t read. We bought two books that we thought might be good to read and I’m sure we will be reviewing them soon. You should visit Oxford because you can see all the wonderful bookshops.

Sam’s review: We decided to visit Blackwell’s during the Diamond Jubilee as there were supposed to be events going on to take part in. Apart from a couple of tables out and some craft materials there didn’t seem to be anything much, but that could have been because we arrived fairly early in the day. We made a couple of Jubilee-inspired things (decorated plates, bunting, Union Jacks and there were those lovely Queen’s knickers again!) and then went for a browse in the children’s department.

This takes up a small part of the entire bookshop but is attractive. Staff recommendations and bestsellers flank the non-entrance area (I say non-entrance as it’s not physically defined – it just gradually becomes the children’s section after the World Cinema DVDs). You then get into the area which has walls lined with children’s books – non-fiction and education, then fiction according to age. Picture books have their own separate book stands/shelves. The range of books is impressive but I do wonder if they offer as many titles and as much selection as Waterstones, their nearest rival, just a few minutes’ walk down the road. The Blackwell’s building is older, and therefore has nooks and crannies to deal with, but I think the children’s section could be adjusted and made more inviting if it were opened up to display the selection to its best advantage.

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