Review: Splish, Splash, Splat

Title: Splish, Splash, Splat

Author: Rob Scotton

What it’s about: (by Holly) This book is about Splat the Cat going swimming and finding out that even the bully Spike isn’t always brave. It’s an excellent book about cats swimming.

Holly’s review: I like this book because it’s funny and amusing. It’s a lot of splashing fun. I love it. It describes stuff brilliantly. The pictures are hilarious. Me and my mum couldn’t stop roaring with laughter with all the pictures with cats in swimming trunks. I would give it top marks and I recommend it to anyone.

Sam’s review: Holly and I picked this up at our little, local library while returning some longer books. We’ve started returning to picture books again at the moment as we rediscover the joys they bring, somewhat forgotten amongst chapter stories. Holly is right – Scotton’s style of illustration is very apt for the story he tells. Splat really comes off the page in a nearly 3D way. The detail to the individual hairs spiking delicately off Splat’s body is amazing. The story has a gentle moral to it – about how even the toughest-looking person has fears and often friendship can be found through shared worries. It was a great read. I mean: who wouldn’t laugh seeing a bunch of cats in swimming trunks?


You can hear Molly Ringwald read this title on the Barnes & Noble website: – scroll along to get to the story. (She really doesn’t sound like the girl I watched in Sixteen Candles!)

Rob Scotton’s website:


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