Review: The Queen’s Knickers (well, we had to do something for the Jubilee!)

Title: The Queen’s Knickers

Author: Nicholas Allan

What it’s about: It is a hilariously funny book about what knickers the Queen wears and the illustrations make it very funny. She has a different pair of knickers for different things such as travelling, at home, funerals, Royal Weddings, horses (extra padded), foreign visits (compulsory Union Jack design), Balmoral (woollen), garden parties, everyday. But one day her panties trunk goes missing!

Holly’s review: A hilarious book about the Queen. The moment I saw it I knew I would like it because sometimes you know you’re going to like something. I liked it because the Queen always has a pair of knickers for something. The way it was written made laugh. 

Sam’s review: At first I thought that this book might be a little childish because of the drawing on the front but this was a classic example of never judge a book by its cover. The simplicity of the drawings added to the comedy of the text. I have never seen such a marvellous collection of panties in one place, and the extra details on each page gave the book comic depth. I’ve been studiously avoiding Jubilee-related things (sick of the overkill) but this was a great read and highly recommended for a look at the royal family.

Nicholas Allan’s website:


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  1. love it – want it for myself – I love childrens’ books and will have a fight on my hands when my sons, who are in their twenties, try to take theirs some day


    1. I know! I buy more children’s books because I am interested in them than my daughter! Whenever we go into a children’s bookshop, I spend ages with the books while she gets disinterested after a few minutes. Oh dear…


  2. Wonderful! I wonder what the Queen thinks? I am unable to find it here in Canada, but I will persevere! Here is my little tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee from here in Ottawa:


    1. I hope you can track it down in Canada as it’s really funny. Does Amazon have it? I will check out your post now!


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