Review: Little Rabbit Goes to School


Title: Little Rabbit Goes to School

Author: Harry Horse

What it’s about:  Even though he doesn’t admit it, Little Rabbit is feeling a little worried about his first day at school, so he takes his trust Charlie House along for the ride. Charlie Horse, though, is causing all sorts of mischief, from encouraging Little Rabbit to eat his sandwiches on the way to school and have nothing for lunch and making a mess with cake mix. But during a class nature walk the antics go a little too far…

Holly’s review: It’s Little Rabbit’s first day at school … and he’s so tiny! This is a very happy and caring story and I like how all the bunnies help him out when things go wrong. The illustrations are cute – all the bunnies have little ears. Even though things go wrong in the woods, the story isn’t too scary for little children. It’s a good story for children starting school and has helpful advice too, such as don’t eat your lunch too early or bring your horse in – you don’t need it as you have friends to look after you. It might make you feel better if you’re worried about school.

Sam’s review: This book was a present to Holly from her nana and I think her nana loved the story and drawings as much as Holly … and me! There is a real gentleness to the illustrations that make this a comforting read, along with some mischievious humour. It’s a clever way to look at what sort of trouble you might find yourself in when you go to school and the fact that Little Rabbit ends up making a judgement about whether Charlie Horse actually is as ready for school as he is can be empowering to little children.



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