How rude!

I was commenting on a post by a fellow blogger, agreeing that books that are rude tend to be very popular with children, and suggested a great book that someone else had recommended to me, called The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business, by Werner Holzwarth and Wolf Erlbruch. 


Normally I stay away from books about bodily functions because I hear enough giggly comments about rude things from the children I work with (and the one I live with!) but I thought I would give it a go with two 11-year-old dyslexic boys who I was trying to coax into doing some gentle reading. They soon became immersed into this book and loved the mole, who basically spends the story asking who had pooed on his head. I was delighted, two weeks later, to ask who their favourite fiction character was and be told that it was the Mole.

Anyway, I digress. After finding a link to the book on amazon and posting it with my reply on Playing by the Book’s blog (which I reblogged on this site), I opened my amazon home page to find an array of titles recommended for me on the basis of my recent browsing history. These included:

The Gass We Pass, by Shinta Cho


Everybody Poos, by Taro Gomi

Walter the Farting Dog, by William Kotzwinkle and Glen Murray and Audrey Colman (of which there appears to be a series!)


 And… Constipation, Withholding and Your Child, by Anthony Cohn (perhaps inevitably)


Holly hasn’t read any of these and, in fact, becomes totally disgusted when I talk about the existence of such books. Although she happily uses the word ‘fart’ more often than I care to disclose and sings an embarrassing song I stupidly made up on a boring road trip to make her laugh. So she rather likes puerile toilet humour but doesn’t want to read about it. I wonder if other girls are the same and whether it’s boys who prefer the lav laughs.  

I’m all for books on bodily functions if they make it all seem more hilarious than embarrassing. But I hope these recommendations soon disappear from my amazon homepage before the adverts for Anusol and Windcheaters start making their gaudy way under my recommendations. That would be a real stinker.



  1. It may be a boy think liking toilet humour, I remember laughing for quite some time when I saw the cover of a kids book called something like ‘the moose with loose poops’ still gets me! 🙂


  2. I have loved the story of the little mole for years, and had it on my bookshelf despite the lack of small children in the house! Walter the Farting Dog sounds like an essential addition – with two dogs and two cats, we always have someone to blame for bad smells … 🙂


    • Children’s books are great like that, aren’t they? I think sometimes I buy books more for myself than my daughter! I become more entranced in a children’s bookshop than she is! Your animals sound great. Thanks for the follow!


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