Review: Scaredy Mouse


Title: Scaredy Mouse

Author: Alan MacDonald

Illustrator: Tim Warnes

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

What it’s about: Squeak is a tiny mouse who’s happy to stay hidden with his family, out of the way of the big ginger cat. But one day he is tempted out of his mousehole by his sister Nibbles’ promise of a huge chocolate cake. Squeak wears a piece of string around his middle to help him find his way home, but still he’s nervous that he will meet his enemy, mistaking all sorts of things for the ferocious feline. Will he and Nibbles succeed (safely) in their quest? 

Holly’s review: This book is childish but not too much – I think children of many ages will like it. Squeak is sensible to be worried because if they were both bold like Nibbles they might get into trouble. I like the pictures because they are nice and calming and the one at the beginning of the bed is lovely – it always makes me feel like I want to get into it!

Sam’s review: This book immediately became a favourite with Holly, as you might have guessed with the review! I think this is because it does have all the elements of a popular children’s story – excitement (will the mice get their cake?), empathy (children know what it’s like to feel small and have to trust someone else for their safety) and repetition: there is an oft-used line ‘It’s the cat! It’s the cat! Squeak ran this way and that, harum scarum, round and back’, which allows children who are not already reading to participate in the story. It’s perhaps not one of my favourites but that might be because of overkill – we had to read this over and over again for a long time, and it still comes out to do the rounds! For children it’s a great book though – one that I am sure would be a hit with any child.

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  1. New to me, but I like the little chorus! It’s always hard when a book is read so many times as a parent I think – I no longer really love Going on a bear hunt because I’ve just read it too many times when i’ve wished we could have read something different.


    • You’re right. I think this would make a good post someday – about how to keep enthusiastic about a book that you’ve read so many times you can recite it in your sleep! I went through a phase of We’re Going on a Bearhunt too, though it wasn’t too long-lived.


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