I was browsing on Booktrust’s website and discovered that we share a few recent posts in common.

One is children’s author Gill Lewis’s guest blog on why animal stories are so popular with children. In this, she ponders:

“So is our need for animal stories a refection on our reputation as nation of animal lovers? Is it overindulgent sentimentality? Or maybe a supposed belief that children should not be faced with the difficult realities of life and need them dressed up as stories about animals?” 

The second is a piece on the Society of Authors’ open letter to Nick Gibb on the issue of making reading attractive to young people. There is a link to the letter which has some great suggestions, including having compulsory libraries in ALL schools and a trained librarian.

If you want some animal stories for older children (my post featured ones aimed at the younger age range), check out this booklist on their site. Michael Morpurgo, unsurprising, features prominently. I love the BBC’s image, comparing an older version of the book cover before it was made into a film, which publishers are obviously hoping will drive new readers to the novel. The credit link below leads through to an interesting article on how the film boosted novel sales exponentially. “It has sold more copies in the UK in a fortnight, than it did worldwide in the 25 years after it was first published.” I think I’ll look at this phenomenon in a separate article! 


Image courtesy of the BBC: 


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