Review: Pog and the Birdies

Title: Pog and the Birdies

Author: Jane Simmons

What it’s about: Unlike most cats, when Pog hears birds sing he thinks it’s the nicest sound in the world and he enjoys nothing better than sitting with his feathered friends to hear their songs. However, when his friend Puss-tat comes along and encourages Pog to play catch the birdie, the birds start keeping their distance and Pog is devastated. Will he ever be able to sit with his friends again?

Holly’s review: I liked this because, for once, there’s a cat in a story who likes birds and wants to listen to and watch them. This is a beautiful book with loads of beautiful drawings.

Sam’s review: Holly first read this book at school and begged us to buy it for her because she loved it so much. Reading it with her it’s easy to see why. The drawings are charming, as is the story. And as Holly says, it’s unusual to find a cat that wants to just sit with the birds rather than chase them! It’s a gentle way to encourage children to stand up for what they like and who they are rather than give in to peer pressure – if that doesn’t sound too precious!

Jane Simmons’ website:


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