Review: How to Look After Your Cat

Title: How to Look After Your Cat

Author: Colin and Jacqui Hawkins

What it’s about: This is a non-fiction book, in cartoon-style, which gives tips for children on how to look after their cat. Topics include feeding, health and hygiene, how to provide a good home for a cat, grooming and handling. This was first published in 1995 and it seems hard to come by new copies.

Holly’s review: This book was very funny. There were tonnes of pictures and words about looking after your cat such as what they like and don’t like – for example, they don’t like being put in a bath. It also says how to groom a cat with long fur and asks questions on what sort of cat you might like and whether you would want it to have kittens. There are little jokes and funny stuff for children. I like how they have written it, explaining in a good way to understand: short, basic and funny. Other non-fiction books can be hard to understand but this isn’t. The drawings are funny too.

Sam’s review: I got hold of this book from old stock the library was selling off and thought it was a must for Holly (and me!). Holly’s right – you can learn a lot from this book on cat care and it’s done in such a funny way that it doesn’t feel like hard learning. The little asides and jokes in the illustrations add to the content and give young readers and their parents a chance to keep finding new facts and information, as well as having a laugh together.  

Colin & Jacqui’s website:


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