Review: Fred

Title: Fred

Author: Posy Simmonds

What it’s about: The much-loved family cat Fred has died and children Sophie and Nick are feeling very sad. They reminisce about how Fred slept all the time and in all places – on beds, cars and dustbins, amongst others. However, one night they awaken to find that Fred wasn’t the cat they thought he was because, by night, he had a totally different life – the feline equivalent of Elvis. Nick and Sophie join in the funeral celebrations with moggy fans who have come far and wide to pay their respects to a very cool cat.

Holly’s review: This was a nice book because it shows how you might feel if any pet dies, not just a cat. It shows that you can think of them in a happy way and feel better rather than feel sad all the time.

Sam’s review: I found this in a charity shop around the time when we lost our first cat, Charlie. We were all feeling bereft as she was very much a real character in our family and was loving and adorable. Some of the bereavement books for children, while lovely, focused more on the sadness of death, whereas the joy in Fred is how Posy Simmonds celebrates life. It made us laugh and took the sting out of death as we imagined what Charlie’s secret life might have been. I recently gave a copy of this to friends who had lost their cat and they also enjoyed the story. The only shame is that now it’s hard to get copies easily. 

Posy Simmonds’ page: 


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