Review: Captain’s Purr

Title: Captain’s Purr

Author: Madeleine Floyd

What it’s about: Captain is like any other cat. He eats, he sleeps and he purrs. A lot. But this is by day. By  night, he sneaks out of the house, climbs into his rowing boat and visits his sweetheart. They hold paws till nearly dawn, then Captain rows back home to clean himself, eat and sleep all over again.

Holly’s review: Captain is very, very lazy by day but at night he gets very energetic, strong and romantic. Some cats may be romantic but you don’t normally come across them. You never know though. I like that Captain has different sides to him and how he has been written. It’s a calm story and I love the pictures – they are in a different style to a lot of books and when you look at them it’s like sinking into them.

Sam’s review: What appealed to me when I bought this book for Holly when she was younger were the unusual drawings, which Holly has already commented on. They have been done in watercolours which gives them a more fluid appearance to the usual block colours and shapes in children’s books. The style of writing is simple too but not simplistic. It’s a great idea to have the twist of the romance too – sure to tickle any parent or child’s imagination.

Madeleine Floyd’s website:


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