Splat the Cat




Title: Splat the Cat

Author: Rob Scotton

What it’s about: It’s Splat the Cat’s first day of school and he’s feeling rather nervous. He tries all sorts of well-tried techniques to delay going but he eventually has to face up to his fears and go. To make matters easier, he takes his friend – a mouse – to give him confidence and reassurance. When he finally settles down in the classroom he starts to relax and enjoy himself until milk time comes around and chaos ensues.

Holly’s review: This book was so funny! There are all these cats who go to school – they don’t normally do that so that’s what makes it crazy and funny – it’s so unusual! Splat is crazy-looking with very spikey, outward fur and googly eyes. I love the drawings too because they are hilarious. I would love to read more in this series.

Sam’s review: I first bought this book when Holly was having trouble going to school. She had previously been happy but hit a small bump and I thought a book with a reluctant cat might address the issue in a more humorous and less obvious or patronising way than a factual ‘so you’re afraid of going to school?’ might. Holly was delighted with it and could see the humour in the story. I think it helped somewhat with her anxiety and could certainly reassure young children who dread their first day, unless they take it literally and expect a load of cats to be in the classroom when they appear! Rob Scotton’s drawings are great – as Holly said they are crazy and there’s real energy in them that brings the story off the page. 

Rob Scotton’s website: http://www.robscotton.com/


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