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Six Dinner Sid

Title: Six Dinner Sid

Author: Inga Moore

What it’s about: Everyone knows that cats are fond of their food but Sid takes his love of eating to the next level! Each day he enjoys six dinners at six different houses, where he is known by six different names. Each human thinks that Sid is their exclusive cat until one day he needs to visit the vet. Will the cat be out of the bag?

Holly’s review: Sid isn’t like normal cats because he has different personalities. He is very hungry and most cats aren’t as bad as him – they would want three dinners rather than six! I love him as a cat but I don’t think he would make a nice human being in a story as it just wouldn’t work. But I really like the story!

Sam’s review: I think Holly is right in that this is quite a different cat story to others we have read. It is written about a cat and we never get an insight into his way of thinking though of course we know that he loves to eat! It feels a little more distant than other titles we have looked at but nevertheless it’s a funny story with a character you can’t help but root for.



Childtastic Books started out as a collaborative blog, written by me and my young daughter Holly. Now she's nearly a teen, she's off doing exciting and new things but I am still here, reading, writing and reviewing books for children and young adults of all ages. I miss her input but I hope she will pop in from time to time to do some guest posts! A little about me - I have just finished an MA in Children's Literature from the University of Roehampton (result pending, eeek) and am a part-time primary school librarian. The other part of my time is spent writing and editing, my own work and others, and I am waiting for my first non-fiction book to be published - a teacher resources pack for Handa's Surprise. I welcome comments and love to hear from visitors to this blog. Please note though that, because of time constraints, it is rare that I can read and review books from self-published authors. I receive so many requests and feel badly about not being able to keep up with them all. Thanks for visiting! Sam

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