Review: Mog the Forgetful Cat

Title: Mog the Forgetful Cat

Author: Judith Kerr

What it’s about: One of Judith Kerr’s most-loved characters, Mog the Forgetful Cat, rolls comedy and gentle storytelling into one. Mog is your bog-standard cat, who loves eating, sleeping and occasional forays outside. To enable her to get out of the house, her family has installed a cat flap. The problem is, Mog sometimes forgets how to use it or even that she has one. This leads to all sorts of trouble, but one night her absent-mindedness has unexpected benefits.

Holly’s review: This is a really nice cat book. It describes what kinds of characters cats are. Mog is funny and she has a weird personality – she has different ideas about things. She is forgetful and can be calm. Judith Kerr is a good author and knows how to put a story together and write for children. Her drawings have beautiful colours that make you feel that you are there – it’s like watching a TV but the image is still.

Sam’s review: I first came to Judith Kerr through her book When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and was delighted to find that she wrote for younger audiences as well. Being a cat fiend, this had to be amongst our picture-book library when Holly was small and we have enjoyed virtually all of the other books in the series. Mog is an adorable creature who unwittingly gets into a lot of trouble and can’t understand it when her family get annoyed with her antics. Her biggest ally is young Debbie, who is always willing to fight her corner. Through gentle humour, Judith Kerr shows how a pet becomes part of the family and is a full member in its own right. Her drawings are lovely – simple but effective and soothing to child and adult. A top choice for a fun and reassuring bedtime story.

Judith Kerr’s author webapge:


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