Advance apologies

Holly and I thought that it was time to do some picture books for the site to even out the chapter books dominating the posts to date. So we looked at her bookcases (which I must get a picture of sometime soon) and she started pulling out picture books about cats. We are cat-crazy in this house, having three of our own, so we probably have more than our fair share of feline adventures to write about. Holly thought it would be good to pick the best of the selection and review them all at once, so over the next day or so I will be adding seven reviews on all things cat-related.

You will see that each book is quite different from the others and has its own message to tell and distinct character to explore. However, I do apologise if you don’t like cats or even if you like them but are happy with one review! We’ll broaden out again soon – promise!

Sam and Holly


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